Rachel Yasmin Hurst (Yazmin Soul), the youngest of five siblings, grew up to be very fond of music from listening to her father's stories of how he was once a singer for The Drifters in the late 60's and how he reached his ultimate dream. She knew at a young age that singing was her calling, but it wasn’t until she heard Whitney Houston singing ”The Greatest Love” that she understood what it meant to have a gift that touches a person's soul.

Inspired by these experiences, Yazmin learned to appreciate and respect all genres of music. Passionate and determined, she is now pursuing a career in the music industry as a vocalist. To date, she has performed in venues throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Boston, New York and Baltimore. She has won multiple open mic contests and showcased multiple festivals, such as A'fram Fest 2008, Soul Fest at Virginia Beach and Harbor Fest in Hampton Virginia, just to name a few. 

Her soulful style and approachable manner has earned her a following in New York and Virginia. Yazmin is currently working on building her name, not only locally but worldwide.


Yazmin Soul is an artist a part of OMC Music Group.


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Vixon J. - Videographer